Frequently Asked Questions

The application process:

How are the applications graded?
Your application will be personally evaluated by five different reviewers. Each reviewer assigns the application a numerical score. The computer then averages and curves the five reviewers scores to come up with the final score for your application. The top applications for each school are then awarded scholarships.

How do the reviewers decide what grade an application gets?
Each reviewer is free to develop his or her own objective grading standards. Reviewers like to consider a wide range of factors including your GPA, income, goals, writing ability, service history, personal stories, and any other information you choose to share in your essay.

Who are the reviewers?
Our all-volunteer reviewer pool (over 200) are made up of a cross section of American society. Our reviewers are business leaders, home makers, educators, Veterans, college student, farmers, Stock Brokers, geneologists, bankers, interior designers, and computer professionals. They are people of many different faiths and races, however, they all hold at least two things in common: a belief in the importance of education, and a passion for giving their time and effort to the community.


General Questions:

How can I help the Bailey Family Foundation?
We do not accept monetary donations. However, we are always looking for more reviewers to help us choose scholarship recipients. If you would like to be a reviewer please click on the "contact us" button so we can give you more information about being a volunteer reviewer.

Why does the Bailey Family Foundation give away scholarships?
Education turned Ron Bailey from a poor kid with no prospects for the future into a college professor, then a University President, and eventually a corporate CEO. The U.S. Army was there to help Mr. Bailey get his education. Now, through the Bailey Family Foundation, he is able to help others improve their lives through education.

The Award Itself:

How much money is awarded with a Bailey Family Foundation Scholarship?
Scholarship recipients are given $5,000. Recipients are encouraged to apply again in subsequent years.

Who will the money be paid to?
The money is paid directly to the school you are attending.

What can I use the money for?
The scholarship money may be used for tuition only.

When will I be contacted to learn if I've won?
All applicants are contacted 10 days after the application submission deadline and all applications have been reviewed.

When can I start using my scholarship funds if I've won?
Your scholarship funds will be available for academic year starting this July 1st to June 30th of next year.

How long do I have to use the scholarship money?
A recipient has 12 months to use the scholarship.

If I've won as a high school senior from an eligible high shool, is my scholarship renewable?
Yes, your scholarship is renewable up to 4 awards in successive years for a maximum amount of $20,000.  It is your responsibility to apply for renewal each year.

If I've won as a college student from an eligible college, is my scholarship renewable?
No, your scholarship is not renewable.  However, you’re encouraged to apply again in subsequent years.  Your application will go through our normal scholarship selection process.